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Asculta si descarca ringtonul mp3 Romanes Love Romanes Love

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  1. Juan

    This has to do with the world’s colliding post. I’m glad at least that you are open on here with your dtbous. I have been going through doubt and wondering how others address those around them who think they believe. Some people go through doubt and become atheists who are proud of their unbelief, or who are atleast sure enough of it that they no longer care about hiding it because there is nothing to be gained by going through the motions. But what about those like us who no longer know, yet want to know? I went through doubt and was very open about it with people and friends for awhile. It began with me realizing at first that I believed, but was not sure. I was willing to discuss that with people because at least i still believed . When people asked me how I was doing I would explain. But now that I can no longer claim to believe God is or that he is not, I just say I am fine and act like the issue just passed. I try and justify it too, and at times I think it is okay. It is one thing to do it for popularity or to advance your career. But to do it because we don’t want to shake the faith of others, or because we feel that by admitting it we shame Jesus seems to me to be okay. For me the latter is the main reason. I don’t know if he is or if he is not, but if he is I do not want shame him by telling people my truth. I am honest with very close friends who our Christian. These are my friends who although they believe, our friendship centered around other interests. But for those with whom our friendship revolved around Jesus, I guess I’ve just become silently distant. Sorry for being a downer, but how do we approach death? Because I’ve thought about it until I was very frightened and it did not help me believe in God. It only made me more afraid that of the fact that i did not.

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